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1. Software Requirements:
To view this program correctly you will need a copy of Macromedia Flash 6.0 or greater (Supplied on CD or click here to download) and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (update to the latest version by going to www.windowsupdate.com). The Case Designer will work with earlier versions but all the features may not be available.

2. Placing an item:
Simply click on the item you would like to place (Ex. Tooth, Crown, SG on Bar); the background of the item will turn green. Then click in the middle of the tooth where you would like the item to appear. If a case it mostly made up of teeth it may be useful to click the "All Teeth Upper" and/or "All Teeth Lower" buttons and then remove the unneeded teeth. To place an SG or similar item on different sides of a bar or crown, simply continue clicking the tooth until the SG appears in the desired area. Remember, do not click where you want an attachment to appear or disappear from, instead click on the tooth where the item is attached to.

3. Clearing Items:
There are a few ways you can clear an item. For this instance lets assume you currently have an implant placed on tooth #6
To remove it you can:
1- Highlight the "Implant" button and then click on the implant.
2- Highlight the "Clear Tooth" button and then click on the tooth. (Note: This will clear ALL items placed on the tooth clicked)
3- Click the "Clear Upper" button (Note: This button will clear ALL items placed on tooth 1 - 16!!)
4- Place an item above the implant that makes the placement of an implant in the same space impossible. For example, if you place a tooth or root cap over an implant, the implant will disappear.

4. Program Safeguards:
To use the "SG on Bar" button you must have either a Bar or Half Bar already placed in that area.

If you have a crown on #3 with an SG on each side (Fig1) and you place a tooth or crown on #2 (Fig2) the SG or similar attachment falling in the space of tooth #2 will be erased. This feature avoids the placement of attachments that may be hidden during the design of a case. (Warning: Only the placement of a Crown or Tooth provides this safeguard. It is still possible to "Hide" attachments when using other attachments.)

When placing an item over another item, where the two cannot exist together, replaces the first item with the second. For example, placing a VSP over an OC will remove the OC and place a VSP.

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