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Fast Protec Catalog


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Working on magnetic condyles, the Fast Protec Articulator perfectly simulates protrusive and lateral occlusion movements. This articulator will allow you maximum visibility thanks to its posterior incisal guide pin and the possibility to set the model on it just using the Fast Clean Base and silicone instead of plaster.

SKU#FP200.0009 $465.00

Combined Verticulator and Articulator in one unit just changing the lid. A flexible instrument to enable different processing in record time. Thanks to its posterior incisal guide pin and its magnetic condyles, Verarte allows you a 360° visibility and a perfect simulation of the natural mouth movements.

SKU#FP200.0029 $795.00

Verticulator and Flask All-In one. The three-axis Verticulator enables different processing as dentures, implant dentures, and ceramic molding, facilitating the work and allowing you a wide visibility. It is extremely useful for visualizing the case and to ease the casework planning. Simply by placing the Flask lid through magnetic attachment to the lid of the Verticulator, you will be able to finalize a full denture either through the injection or the pouring technique.

SKU#FP200.0030 $775.00

Fast Protec Accessories

Articulator Condyles 3 pc Kit
3pc Condyles Replacement kit for the Fast Protec Articulator
SKU#FP200.0009.93 $41.95
Double Base  
Two base formers used to create a split cast model that fits precisely on the Articulator, Verticulator, All-In and Alu Big Flask
SKU#FP200.1002 $93.00
Implant Box  
A Flask with an integrated split cast and two lids. The transparent version allows you to perform composite teeth directly on the model.
SKU#FP200.0019 $575.00
Model Plate  
Positioning device for setting edentulous models on the articulator.
SKU#FP200.1007 $99.50
Clean Temp  
Split cast base for temporaries
SKU#FP200.1005 $39.00
Universal Clean  
Little base used for fitting the model on the Articulator through the use of silicone.
SKU#FP200.1004 $31.00
Universal Split Cast  
Universal adapter to fit all bases on the market to Fast Protec system.
SKU#FP200.1001 $31.00
Teeth Clean  
An item with 14 individual compartments to clean the teeth with steam and keep them in the right position.
SKU#FP200.0102 $93.00
Base for Plaster  
Base used for adapting any articulator available on the market to the Fast Protec system.
SKU#FP200.1003 $31.00
Magnetic Alignment Jig Platform  
Ideal for positioning and aligning drill holes for abutment holes in dentures.
SKU#FP300011 $191.00
Spacer Package  
3 big spacers + 3 small spacers for All-In
SKU#FP200.0030.8 $18.75
All-In Screw + Bushing  
Spares for All-In screw + bushing
SKU#FP200.0030.9 $15.50
300 rivets to place on the model
SKU#FP2.000.119 $18.75

Rubber Cuffs
Spares for the Base Gum - 2 pcs
SKU#FP200.1002.02 $18.75