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Stud Fixator
Ceramic stud and cavity-filling silicone as buffers ensure durability and soft integration of the restoration.
  •    Time is saved thanks to quick and easy integration.
  •    Friction is restored subsequently
  •    Ceramic stud for prolonged comfort of wearing
  •    Hygiene-friendly thanks to cavity-filling silicone
1. To reproduce the oral situation accurately, use Pi-ku-Plast to fabricate the primary construction 2. and to produce a working model. 3. Prepare a matrix before removing the resin saddle. 4. Drill a hole with a diameter of 2.1 mm into the secondary element and place it back on the model.
5. Use the drill (2.1mm) to carefully prepare a groove with a max depth of 0.4mm in the resin saddle. 6. The stud fixator is fitted in the CoCr structure, 7. and fixed with DTK adhesive. 8. The housing of the stud fixator must be flush with the crown wall. Only the ceramic stud may stand out in the crown. Reattach the resin saddles. 9. Prepare a coping of the resin die using thermoforming foil.
10. Mark the groove on the resin die with a pen. Drill a hole (2.1mm) through the die coping at this point. 11. Place the die coping onto the primary construction in the mouth and transfer the position of the groove accurately. 12. Integrate the restoration with friction being restored.  
Stud Fixator
#44002651 2 pcs


Rapid Microbur
#H001NH21 2 pcs


DTK Adhesive Kit




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