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Friction Splint FS1 - Connecting elements for superstructures
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Practical Tip:
Use an alloy with at least a 230 Vickers Hardness.
Use an overcasting or an individual metal housing


Friction Splint FS1 - Connecting elements for superstructures

Uncomplicated integration in the mouth
Defective screw connectors can be repaired with FS1
FS1 is replaceable
Time-saving, no tapping necessary
Variable application for all indications
Can be individually shortened
No loosening caused by expansion

The FS1 sleeve is placed through the splint hole (identical size and position in both the primary and secondary units) with the splint screw being preassembled. After pressing in the sleeve... ...the splint screw is turned in.
No tapping is necessary.    


Friction Splint FS1 Sleeve Friction Splint FS1 Pin

1 piece #45000080 $35.30

1 piece #45000081 $35.30
Friction Splint Spacer 2.0mm Modeling Aid 2.0mm
2 pieces #45000082 $22.05
2 pieces #45000083 $26.00
1 Diatit-Multidrill, 2.0 Ø x 8 mm 1 Short Screwdriver
1 Piece #33000720 $48.50
1 Piece ##33000690 $40.65   

Case Pictures

Wax-up silicone matrix. Remove the wax-up. The pin hole is drilled into the abutment with the Diatit-Multidrill Ø 2.0mm (Reference #33000720). The wax-up is placed back onto the model. The modelling aid is integrated in the wax-up. Holes with a diameter of 2.0mm are drilled into the full wax-up at the positions for the attachments. The attachments are milled. The previously prepared matrix serves for orientation. The ceramic spacer can be used to ensure perfect casting of the splint holes.
Using the modelling aids... ...the secondary units are waxed up and prepared for casting. Sleeve... ...and splint screw are shortened to the same length if required.
In the case of zirconium crowns, it must be insured that... ...the diameter of the drill hole is 2.0mm after the sintering process and... ...the ceramic firings. Stress/tension within the ceramic can only be avoided this way. The splint screw which is screwed halfway into the sleeve is positioned using tweezers.
...and pressed in. The remaining section of the splint screw is turned in. The screwed-in fixing screw is removed from the sleeve. In case of usage of less than 1 year and in undamaged condition, the removed sleeve can be reinserted.