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Occlusal Screw System OC
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Practical Tip:
It is recommended to coat the threads with Colloidal Graphite before investing and casting the fixation screws.

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The Occlusal Screw System is used for facilitating the fabrication of a sectioned bridge with occlusal screw.

The Occlusal Screw System is suitable for splinting non-parallel abutment teeth.
The pre-made, cast-on thread sleeve can be used with any gold alloy.



Occlusal Screw System Information Sheet

Dimensions Chart

Occlusal Screw System OC - 6 Pieces Assortment Kit
 For splinting non-parallel abutment teeth.
6 Part Kit #43007302 $231.05

*Occlusal Screw System 6 Part Kit Includes the following items

1 Patrix
1 Titanium Screw
1 Short Screwdriver
1 Spacer Ring
1 Casting Screw
1 Paralleling Mandrel


Screw Connection Set 1.4mm - 5 piece set
 For occlusal and horizontal screw connections
5 Part Kit #43007351 $190.45

*Screw Connection 5 Piece Set includes the following items

1 Titanium Screw
1 Spacer Ring
1 Threaded Bushing Cast-On
1 Short Screwdriver
1 Casting Screw

Security-Lock Screwdriver Set 3 pieces

Set includes Short Screwdriver, Long Screwdriver and Contra-angles Screwdriver.
#33000810 $108.65

1 pc  Titanium Screw  1.4 x 2mm 
#33000700 $28.50
2 pc  OC Spacer Ring
#43007304 $119.90
2 pc    OC Occlusal Patrix
#43007303 $140.80
Threaded Bushing Cast-On Long Screwdriver Short Screwdriver


2 pc
#33000811 $149.25
1 pc
#33000812 $55.95
1 pc
#33000690 $40.65
Latch Driver Casting Screw Paralleling Mandrel

1 pc
#33000813 $36.15
2 pc
#36001030 $34.45
1 pc
#36001157 $57.00

Piku Plast Resin HP

Kit Includes:  

100 ml Monomer
100 ml Cleaner
85 g Polymer
1 Brush size A
1 Brush size B
1 Brush Holder
3 Vessels
  Blue #54000219 235.00
  Yellow #54000217 235.00
  Orange #54000218 235.00
  Red #54000220 235.00
  Transparent #54000216 235.00
Optimum contouring properties, will not slump. Available in 5 different transparent colors to allow the thickness to be checked and to contract well within the wax.

Colloidal Graphite
#54000706 $57.85  


Instructions - Occlusal Screw System OC

The paralleling mandrel positions the sectioning attachment correctly.

The design and small size of the threaded sleeve in the sectioning attachment allows it to be adapted to the papillae as required. The threaded sleeve is made of a cast-on alloy and can be used with any gold or semi-precious alloy.
The retention rod should be coated with colloidal graphite which retains the threaded sleeve precisely in the investment material. With a diameter of 1mm, the section that connects the attachment to the coping can be trimmed with a 1mm rotary cutter if required. The circumferential ledge on the locking ring marks the level to which the locking ring can be reduced.
To ensure that the locking ring is fixed in place, the outer section must be molded with Piku Plast brush on resin. The exterior design of the locking ring, which consists of a cast-on gold alloy, ensures that it is retained securely in the resin. The bridge pattern is waxed up onto the outer resin section.
    The titanium screw can be ground to blend it into the occlusal surface.