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VKS Stud Reworking Set

Symptoms of wear at the stud of the VKS attachment lead to the loss of the function of the denture. Normally, the patient requires a new prosthetic supply which includes the risk that the root of the abutment tooth may be damaged considerably and can no longer be used to hold the denture. To avoid these risks and additional cost, the VKS stud reworking set has been developed. For hygienic purposes, used instruments should not be reused; they must be disposed of. Use the VKS stud reworking set only for gold alloys. This kit allows the worn VKS patrix (stud) to be milled in the patient’s mouth to a cylindrical post over which a new titanium ball can be placed.

VKS Reworking Kit
2.2mm #86000190 $480.00
1.7mm #86000180 $480.00

*VKS Stud Reworking Set Kit Includes the following items

2 repair burs
2 height stops
2 stud sleeves
2 spacer discs
1 tap for external thread
Instructions Sheet
Repair Bur - Mills the worn VKS Patrix (stud) to a cylindrical post.
1 Piece 2.2mm #86000110 $90.00
1 Piece 1.7mm #86000100 $90.00
Height Stop - Reduce the cylindrical post to a precisely defined length.
1 Piece 2.2mm #86000130 $44.25
1 Piece 1.7mm #86000120 $44.25
Tap for External Thread - Cut threads on the cylindrical post.
1 Piece 2.2mm #86000170 $84.00
1 Piece 1.7mm #86000150 $84.00
Stud Sleeves - Titanium Stud is fixed to cylindrical post with DTK Adhesive.
1 Piece 2.2mm #86000140 $67.50
1 Piece 1.7mm #86000160 $67.50
Spacer Discs - Block out undercut.                                        
2 Piece 2.2mm #86000210 $38.50
2 Piece 1.7mm #86000200 $38.50
DTK Adhesive Kit
A dual hardening composite adhesive for the fixation of dental attachments.
1 Base paste B, 5 g
1 Catalyst paste K, 5 g
1 Mixing block
1 Spatula
10 Application cannulas (black)
#54001185 $148.15  
Download DTK Adhesive Instructions
Repair bur
Clamp the VKS repair bur into the angle handpiece. Put the repair bur to the center of the worn ball and hold it towards the same direction as the ball is placed; only then milling is started. Mill the residual stud parts at a maximum speed of 5000 rpm until a cylindrical post is obtained.
Height Stop
The post that was produced with the repair bur is shortened to a defined length using the height stop. Clamp the height stop into the angle and piece and place onto the cylindrical post together with the guide sleeve. Shorten the cylindrical post at a maximum speed of 5000 rpm until the guide sleeve of the height stop rests on the platform below the post. Adequate cooling must be ensured by the operator.
Tap for External Thread
Cut a thread on the cylindrical post. Add a small drop of cooking oil onto the cylindrical post and into the tap. Put the tap onto the cylindrical post in the direction of insertion and turn clockwise exerting slight pressure. After the first turn the thread can be completed without exerting any pressure to the tap. During this process the tap is turned back by a half turn after each full turn. This process is repeated until the tap rests on the platform below the cylindrical post. By turning anticlockwise, the tap can be removed. Clean and dry the thread.
Glueing on the stud sleeve
Prior to gluing on the stud sleeve it must be ensured that the thread post in the patient’s mouth is grease-free and dry. Hold the stud sleeve on the holding element, spread a small quantity of adhesive in the internal thread of the stud sleeve using a pointed object and screw it on the threaded post. After the adhesive hardens, the supporting post can be cut off with a separating disc, the surface can be smoothed with a rubber polisher and excess adhesive can be removed with a pointed object. The surface of the stud must not exhibit any scratches.
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