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VKS-SG Exchangeable Stud
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Safety, precision and biocompatibility due to easily exchangeable titanium stud.

VKS-SG 1.7mm Exchangeable Stud

VKS-SG 2.2mm Exchangeable Stud



Dimensions Chart
VKS-SG Threaded Sleeve
Threaded Sleeve is Platinum Iridium. HSL (Au, Pt, Pd), melting range: 1320-1460o C. Casting temperature cannot exceed 1270o C
HSL, 2.2 mm    
#45000051 $98.50
HSL, 1.7 mm    
#45000059 $98.50
Threaded Sleeve is Platinum Iridium (Pt, Ir), Melting range: 1820-1850o C
All commercial dental alloys except titanium may be used.
Pt-Ir, 2.2 mm    
#45000052 $128.40
Pt-Ir, 1.7 mm    
#45000060 $128.40
VKS-OC Stud-Head Screw
1 Piece, Titanium
2.2 mm    
#45000047 $42.05
1.7 mm    
#45000056 $42.05
Casting Screws
1 Piece
2.2 mm    
#45000048 $37.85
1.7 mm    
#45000057 $37.85
VKS Paralleling Mandrel
1 Piece
2.2 mm    
#36001130 $56.45
1.7 mm    
#43006770 $56.45
Screwdriver 2.2mm
1 Piece, Stud Head Screw
2.2 mm    
#33000690 $40.65
Screwdriver 1.7mm
1 Piece, Stud Head Screw
1.7 mm    
#33001164 $40.65
*WARNING: Screwdriver is designed to break before screw head to avoid over torquing and breakage at the ball platform where the screwdriver engages.
Titanium Bar Patrix
The new Titanium Bar Patrix has three parallel threaded holes to accept the Exchangeable SG Stud. Fabrication of implant bars in 3 easy steps: (1) The bar is sectioned to the desired length(s). (2) The bar sections are laser welded into place. (3) The SG attachments are screwed into the bar.
1 Piece   1 Piece  
2.2 mm    
#4500SA22 $104.00
1.7 mm    
#4500SA17 $104.00

1 Piece   1 Piece  
2.2 mm    
#46000122 $176.35
1.7 mm    
#46000117 $176.35

1 Piece
#S07340 $49.50

Long Screwdriver
1 Piece  
#33000812 $55.95
Latch Driver
1 Piece  
#33000813 $36.15

Security-Lock Screwdriver Set 3 pieces

Set includes Short Screwdriver, Long Screwdriver and Contra-angles Screwdriver.
#33000810 $108.65
DTK Adhesive Kit
A dual hardening composite adhesive for the fixation of dental attachments.
1 Base paste B, 5 g
1 Catalyst paste K, 5 g
1 Mixing block
1 Spatula
10 Application cannulas (black)
#54001185 $148.15  
Download DTK Adhesive Instructions
Colloidal Graphite
Used for establishing pre-contact areas when making attachment and telescopic work. This low viscosity, special graphite blend is used to coat inner copings with a thin layer of film in order to localize pre-contacts on the outer copings. Its low viscosity allows this anti-flux to be applied easily to any area, thus preventing wetting or penetration by the solder. Especially suitable for difficult cases. Dilute with water.
20ml #54000706 $57.85  


VKS-SG 2.2mm Exchangeable Stud Assortment Kit

2.2 mm    
Kit #45000049 $249.70

*The VKS-SG 2.2mm Exchangeable Stud Assortment Kit Includes the following items

1 thread sleeve vks-sg platinum Iridium, 2.2mm
1 matrix vks-sg 2.2mm red
1 matrix vks-sg 2.2mm yellow
1 matrix vks-sg 2.2mm green
1 fixation screw M2
1 stud-head screw titanium, 2.2mm
1 screwdriver short, 2.2mm
1 paralleling mandrel, 2.2mm

VKS-SG 1.7mm Exchangeable Stud Assortment Kit

1.7 mm    
Kit #45000061 $235.50

*The VKS-SG 1.7mm Exchangeable Stud Assortment Kit Includes the following items

1 thread sleeve vks-sg Platinum Iridium, 1.7mm
1 matrix vks-sg 1.7mm red
1 matrix vks-sg 1.7mm yellow
1 matrix vks-sg 1.7mm green
1 fixation screw M2
1 stud-head screw titanium, 1.7mm
1 screwdriver short, 1.7mm
1 paralleling mandrel, 1.7mm


The stud-head screw is only slightly screwed into the threaded sleeve and held to the wax model using the paralleling mandrel.

The attachment patrix is waxed to the wax model in the path of insertion of the shear distributor with parallel interlock.

The stud-head screw is turned out (counter clockwise) of the threaded sleeve using the screwdriver.

Prior to investing the model, the stud-head screw must be replaced by the casting screw.

Colloidal graphite (#540 007 06) is applied onto the thread of the casting screw; then the screw is turned into the threaded sleeve exerting minimum force.

The casting is sandblasted and the casting screw is turned out. The crowns are finished and the stud-head screw is turned in.

The stud-head screw is polished to high luster using titanium polishing paste(#520 001 53) and finished with Abro-Star Glaze (#520 001 63).

The yellow matrix is placed on the stud and the model is prepared for duplicating. Working is continued as described on pages 26 and 27.