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Vario Soft Bar VSS


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Practical Tip:
Use an alloy with at least a 230 Vickers Hardness.
Use an overcasting or an individual metal housing.



  The VSS Patrix has smooth, parallel sides on the attachment section and the remaining bar has a 2 degree taper which simplifies the fitting of an overcasting onto the implant bar frame. The bar pattern can be reduced along the base as well as the mesial and distal areas to fit the required space. The VSS has three levels of retention: green (light), yellow (medium), and red (high); however the retentiveness can be customized on a per patient basis by simply polishing the implant bar frame until a comfortable grip is achieved.

Three levels of retention
Can be used in any application where a bar is required
Large contact area makes for improved stability
Extremely secure and comfortable for the patient



Dimensions Chart
VSS Green Matrix
For low snap-in friction. Retention Level 1
8 piece #43005270 $58.00

VSS Yellow Matrix

For normal snap-in friction. Retention Level 2
8 piece set #43005260 $58.00
VSS Red Matrix
For high snap-in friction. Retention Level 3
8 piece set #43005250 $58.00
VSS Insertion Pin
Is used to insert the matrix into the framework.
2 piece set #43007363 $23.50


Dimensions Chart
VSS Patrix
Has smooth, parallel sides with a 2 degree taper.
8 piece #43005240 $108.65

VSS Insertion Pin

Is used to insert the matrix into the framework.
2 piece #43007363 $23.50



Vario Soft Bar VSS Kit

VSS 9 part kit #43005230 $75.50

*The Vario Soft Bar VSS Kit Includes the following items

2 matrices VSS red
2 matrices VSS yellow
2 matrices VSS green
2 patrices VSS
1 press in pin

Case Pictures

Vario Soft Bar VSS

Vario Soft Bar VSS Metal Housing