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BioHPP: the thermoplastic, high performance polymer

Bio HPP is a water-insoluble high performance polymer, that physiologically behaves inert. This means it does not tend to interact with other materials. A powerful, biocompatible material without side effects.

The alternative to precious gold and ceramic restorations.

  • Biologically stable - no interaction with other materials
  • Capable of safely obtaining low wall thickness
  • High gloss polishable
  • No abrasion of antagonists, protects natural teeth
  • Dose by the gram, no waste of material
  • Elasticity of the material is closer to human biomechanics than ceramics or dental alloys
  • Easy handling & easy trimming
  • No interactions with other materials
  • Highly tough - virtually unbreakable
  • Custom fit
  • Repeatable
  • No tissue irritation
  • Aesthetic veneering with Visio.lign veneers and composites

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