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For three decades bredent has been offering innovative products for dental laboratories. 95% of all bredent products are based on ideas from working dental technicians and are produced in-house for the strictest quality control. The concept of the bredent symbiosis is strengthened by product systems are matched and complement each other. 

VKS-SG Attachments


SG's can be placed almost anywhere: on the buccal, lingual, distal or mesial of a bar or crown; and are excellent for cases with limited room.

VS3-Mini Attachments


The Bredent VS-3 Mini is an attachment system that can be used to combine fixed and removable restorations using gentle glide in friction.

VSS Attachments


Can be used in any application where a bar is required. Large contact area makes for improved stability. Extremely secure and comfortable for the patient.



Bredent Transfuser

Thanks to the flexible and bent tip, the Transfuser allows controlled and bubble-free filling of investment even in the tightest spaces without damaging wax/plastic patterns.


Quick Change

Bredent Quick Change

The Quick Change is an interchangeable system of instruments for: ceramics, C & B waxing and waxing of removable prosthetics.



Bredent Thermo-Pen

The Thermo-Pen is a portable flameless device used for the fast and efficient adaptation of thermoplastic clasps and accessories.


Bredent Casting Technique Book

Bredent Casting Technique Book

This book is an instructional user manual with simplified, reliable scientific data and experience in the dental casting process.


Bredent GnathoFlex Premium

Gnathoflex Premium

The GnathoFlex Premium is Made of a high tear resistant Teflon coated silicone.


Bond-in Exchangeable Stud

VKS SG/OC Exchangeable Stud with Bond-in Sleeve

All of the benefits of the exchangeable VKS without the variables of the casting process.


Exaktosil Duplicating Silicone

Bredent Exaktosil Duplicating Silicone

Pouring silicone for the duplication of models. Excellent reproduction of details and high tear resistance & low shrinkage.


Diephos Tooth Colored UV

Diephos Tooth Colored UV Die Spacer

Enhances the visual perception of the dental technician allowing them to create highly aesthetic restorations. Cures in 90 seconds!


Seracoll UV Light-Curing Wax

Seracoll UV Light-Curing Wax Adhesive

Seracoll UV is a new light curing wax adhesive liquid from Bredent that is designed for use in creating stress-free connections in C&B & implant bar


Abraso Fix Polishers

Abraso Fix

Fine abrasive particles integrated into the bristles enable all dental materials to be pre-polished without using polishing paste.


Diagen Turbo Grinders

Diagen Turbo Grinders

Maximum grinding power and abrasive capacity on metal and ceramic surfaces at reduced pressure. Increased surface life compared to conventional binding material allows for a wide range of applications and thus high efficiency.


Diabolo Sintered Diamonds

Diabolo Sintered Diamonds

Diabolo Sintered Diamond Rotaries are specifically manufactured to cut and trim Zirconia, Alumina Oxide and other hard ceramic materials.


Bredent Waxes

Bredent Waxes

Bredent offers several types of waxes designed to meet the dental technicians needs. From carving and sculpturing wax to dipping and milling wax, bredent has you covered.


Milling Machine BF1

Bredent Milling Machine

The milling unit that is simply perfect -even in its price/performance ratio


Bredent Waxpool Duo

Bredent Waxpool Duo Unit

Wax dipping unit & wax knife.