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Bredent Kolinsky Golden Brown Natural Hair Brushes

Kolinsky Brushes - Golden Brown Natural Hair
  Natural hair brushes made of superior quality Kolinsky hair.

The Koli Big Brush has an improved tip design thanks to the integrated spheres for easier porcelain build-ups. Fine and stable tip made of carefully selected hair.

The shape and quality of the hair for perfect retention of moisture and improved adhesion & application of ceramic material.

The desired elasticity is obtained by the unique design and combination. This way the applied ceramic layers will not be damaged.

Bredent - Kolinsky Brushes Set

Golden Brown Natural Hair


Size Qty. SKU# Price  
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 1/0 1 Pc. Each S390KSET1


 Information Sheet


Size Qty. SKU# Price  
4, 6, 8 B 1 Pc. Each 390KSET1


Bredent - Kolinsky Individual Brushes

Golden Brown Natural Hair

Scale 1:1    

Product Name Size Qty. SKU# Price  
Koli Brush 1 2 Pieces 390K0010 $23.70
Koli Brush 2 2 Pieces 390K0020 $26.00
Koli Brush 4 2 Pieces 390K0040 $34.45
Koli Brush 6 1 Pieces 390K0060 $23.15
Koli Brush 8 1 Pieces 390K0080 $27.65
Koli Big Brush 8 Big Brushes 1 Pieces 390K008B $70.00
Koli Brush 1/0 2 Pieces 390KS010 $29.65
Koli Opaquer Brush 5 2 Pieces 390KS030 $38.95

Brushes Accessories

XPdent Brush Holder


Product Description SKU# Price  
XPdent Brush Holder X070070   $37.50
A palette inspired brush holder for convenient handling and storage of porcelain brushes and other related ceramist tools. Made with a unique design and small footprint, it is lightweight, portable and perfect for laboratories of all sizes. It comes complete with a pack of 10 rubber o-rings that are placed onto brush handles in order to secure them on the holder.