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Bredent Magic Contrast Black Brushes
Magic Contrast - Black Hair Brushes

  Fatigue free working thanks to the contrast between the ceramic material and the brush hair.
  The synthetic hairs provide lasting resiliency of the brush tip.

The pointed shape of a dry brush hair is immediately restored by wetting, tapping off or vibrating the brush lightly.

Thanks to the strong contrast, any contamination such as dust or dry ceramic particles can be clearly recognized.


Go from a spatula shaped tip to a pointed tip by wetting the brush, tapping or vibrating it slightly with a suitable instrument.

Heigh elasticity to pick up specific quantities of ceramic material more easily.

The optimized resiliency restores the shape of the brush tip immediately after picking up the porcelain. The contrast between the ceramic material and black brush hairs promotes clear visibility of the amount to be applied.

The spatula shape can be easily achieved after pressing the tip with two fingers. This way, the brush can be shaped individually.


Large quantities of ceramic material are picked up and time-saving layering is achieved thanks to the elasticity and the springiness of the brush hair.

The spatula shape does not reduce the stability of the brush hair; hence, less time is required for applying the ceramic material to the framework.


Bredent - Magic Contrast Brushes Set

Black Hair Brushes


Size Qty. SKU# Price  
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 1/0 1 Pc. Each S390CSET1


 Information Sheet


Size Qty. SKU# Price  
4, 6, 8 1 Pc. Each 390CSET1


Bredent - Magic Contrast Individual Brushes

Black Hair Brushes

Scale 1:1    

Product Name Size Qty. SKU# Price  
Magic Contrast 1 2 Pieces 390C0010 $44.05
Magic Contrast 2 2 Pieces 390C0020 $45.15
Magic Contrast 4 2 Pieces 390C0040 $49.65
Magic Contrast 6 1 Pieces 390C0060 $37.85
Magic Contrast 8 1 Pieces 390C0080 $44.30
Magic Contrast Big Brush 8 Big Brushes 1 Pieces 390C008B $69.50
Magic Contrast 1/0 2 Pieces 390CS010 $42.90
Magic Contrast Opaque Brush 5 2 Pieces 390CS030 $49.65

Brushes Accessories

XPdent Brush Holder


Product Description SKU# Price  
XPdent Brush Holder X070070   $37.50
A palette inspired brush holder for convenient handling and storage of porcelain brushes and other related ceramist tools. Made with a unique design and small footprint, it is lightweight, portable and perfect for laboratories of all sizes. It comes complete with a pack of 10 rubber o-rings that are placed onto brush handles in order to secure them on the holder.