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Diacryl Diamond Instruments for Acrylic
Benefit: Tremendous noise reduction compared to carbides
Save time and improve quality by grinding acrylic with diamond coated Diacryl rotary instruments. Thanks to their uniform, coarse grit diamond particles with sharp edges and their specific shapes, Diacryl diamond instruments are excellent for trimming acrylic dentures quickly and accurately. Thanks to their extra coarse diamond grit and large diameter, these instruments grind aggressively and quietly.

  Diacryl Grinding Instrument Kit

1 Coarse
1 Round Tip
1 Universal
1 Papilla
1 Pointed Tip
1 Rubber




  Diacryl - Diamond Instruments for Acrylic

  Coarse Diamond

The extra coarse diamond grit and large diameter help to grind aggressively. They are perfect for reducing large areas of acrylic. The hollow shape keeps them cool and enables them to be used at a higher speed.


  Universal Diamond

The universal diamond instrument can be used in lingual and palatal areas. For grinding large papillae and root attachments or lingual bars.


  Papillae Diamond

The pointed flame shape permits the papillae and alveolar attachments to be ground interdentally.


  Round Diamond

Thanks to the tapered center section of this instrument, uniformly thick peripheries can be created easily and quickly on functional impression trays and partial dentures.


  Pointed Diamond

Narrow frames can be rounded and perfected with the pointed diamond instrument.


  Rubber Grinder

This abrasive rubber instrument creates smooth surfaces on acrylic dentures instead of using sandpaper. The denture can be easily prepared for a highshine.


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