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Diatit Tungsten Carbide Burs
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Diatit tools feature the advanced Diatit wear protection coating. This is a special material which is added into the surface of the bur after it has been produced. It hardens the tool surface and reduces the surface friction.
This comprehensive hardening process results in a tool which features very smooth rotation and precise cutting performance from the very beginning - and this is provided over a considerably long period. Accurate removal of material is ensured. Additionally, the service life of the tool (compared to uncoated carbide burs) is increased considerably by the hardening process.
Bredent’s tungsten carbide tools consist of a metal sintering material with a very fine grain size. Additionally, Diatit tools are subject to a hardening process after the cut has been completed. This hardening process reaches into the gaps between the crystals up to a depth of 100 µm.
Dulling of the cutting edges of the Diatit tools is reduced due to the wear protection. Compared to uncoated carbide burs the hardness of the Diatit rises up to 3700 HV (compared to 1850 HV) and results in an increased service life of the tool.
The surface of the tool is smoothened so that the friction is reduced. The scraps come off the tools more easily. This results in smoother running of the tool.