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Advances at a glance:

Reliable polymerization

  • All light waves available
  • Maximum penetration
  • Top quality of the result


  • Careful and gradual increase of luminous power
  • Temperature control 45°-55° C - up to 65°C possible for individually adjustable programs
  • Overheat protection
  • Automatic deactivation of the light with acoustic signal
    at the end of the program

Unsurpassed polymerization speed

  • 72 lights
  • Full range
  • Rotary plate
  • Light-Tray

Ease of use

  • Easy and fast access to programs
  • Programmable to satisfy individual requirements
  • Spacious drawer
  • Extremely silent unit
  • Compact unit
Plug-in power unit - hand lamp
U: 100 - 240 VAC
P: 130 W max.
Frq: 50/60 Hz
Fuse: T 2.0 A
Light Range: 370 - 500 nm

FULL RANGE - using the benefits of the entire relevant spectrum of light

Experience a new level of reliability and speed when polymerizing your objects. The innovative and new LED technology of bre.Lux 2 covers the entire relevant spectrum of light below 400 nm and hence enables a new quality of  polyme-rization. It offers the user more consistent and faster curing since different wavelengths can reach different depths. Increase your reliability and reduce your polymerization times.

Rotary plate and Light-Tray - additional components to ensure complete polyme-

Convenient, activatable, removable - this rotary plate guarantees that the object is evenly illuminated by the 72 LED lights from all sides. As a transparent tray, the Light-Tray transports light to areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Expose the objects to pure light!

Outstanding power - carefully used

72 LED lamps will give you unsurpassed and highly efficient luminous power to prevent shrinkage in a clever way. Moreover, temperature control of 45°C - 55°C eliminates thermal influences such as overheating and embrittlement of the object. Additionally, the fan is extremely silent.

Up to 65°C for individually adjustable programs

12 years (20,000 hours) at your service

In a highly efficient manner, the 72 LED lights of bre.Lux 2 transform the power input into light energy and offer a longer service life than halogen lights (max. service life of 20,000 hours).

bre.Lux LED N2 hand lamp with stand **Optional**

Technical Data - hand Lamp

Hand Lamp
U: 5 VAC
P: 5 W
Light Range: 5 VAC

Plug-in power unit - hand lamp
U: 100 - 240 VAC
P: 15 W max.
Frq: 50/60 Hz
Output: 5 V / 3 A