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The premixed, ready-to-use Ceram-Bond allows you to omit oxide firing when veneering metal frameworks. Ceram-Bond is applied immediately after finishing, sandblasting, and cleaning metal framework. This micro-fine layer improves bonding of the ceramic material to the metal framework, protects against spalling and offers increased reliability.

1 Unit / 7g #52000323 $93.00
Instructions for use


1 Unit / 30g



  1. Preparation of the object:
After finishing, sandblast the framework with aluminium oxide. Then clean thoroughly with distilled water in the ultrasonic unit for ten minutes or using the steam cleaner. Afterwards the metal surface must not be touched any more.

2. Applying Ceram Bond:
Use a brush for stains to apply one covering coat with a uniform layer thickness onto the metal surface.

3. Predrying Ceram Bond in the ceramic furnace:
Open the ceramic furnace which has been preheated to 650° C and dry the framework onto which Ceram Bond has been applied for one minute in the open furnace.

4. Firing Ceram Bond in the ceramic furnace:
Firing of Ceram Bond is started at 650° C and continued up to 980° C. The temperature increase rate is 55°C/minute. Firing is performed under vacuum. After completion of the firing process, the framework is immediately removed from the furnace. After firing, the framework should exhibit a beige to golden yellow color.

5. Opaque firing and further processing:
Apply the opaque material – according to the tooth shade – onto the fired Ceram Bond. A wash bake is not required. Then further processing is carried out according to the instructions of the manufacturer of theceramic material.

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