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Light-curing Die Spacers


  Light-curing Die Spacer, Transparent
   To smoothen and harden the surface
  Results in dies which are smooth and hard as glass. Light curing die can be applied in the required thickness, thanks to its translucent color. This is the first die spacer which also toughens the die against mechanical loads. Retention beads and crystals adhere to it extremely well.
  Die Spacer UV Information Sheet
  Light Strength Dental Light Curing Machine Information Sheet
Light Curing Die Varnish
Blue, 20 ml #54001000 $61.80
Red, 20 ml #54001003 $61.80
Yellow, 20 ml #54001004 $61.80
Green, 20 ml #54001005 $61.80
Transparent, 20 ml #54001006 $61.80
  Light curing die spacer, opaque
   Swift application due to excellent masking of color
Die varnish, light-curing, opaque
Blue, 20 ml #54000101 $69.15
Green, 20 ml #54000103 $69.15
Red, 20 ml #54000104 $69.15
Mixing Block
10 Pieces #33001144 $57.85
Disposable Brush
100 Pieces #33001142 $27.50
Brush Holder Staight
12 Pieces #33001149 $27.50
Brush Holder Bent
12 Pieces #33001141 $27.50
Light-curing Die Spacer, Transparent
The disposable brush allows precise application. The layer thickness can be varied by applying the material several times. The varnishes are translucent. If they are applied several times, the color becomes more intense so that the layer thickness can be gauged. The light curing die varnishes produce a particularly hard surface which protects the die against damage when fitting onto the crowns. To produce a cement gap the varnish must be cured immediately after applying. For hardening of preparation margins: allow die to soak into the plaster, then polymerize. The varnish hardens the surface without layering.
Light curing die spacer, opaque
Light-curing die varnish is available in three different opaque colors. The fine masking capacity allows to obtain a uniform color of the varnish layer. During the application the die varnish diffuses into the plaster surface. Depth polymerization leads to abrasion resistant bonding to the die. Light curing die varnish resists high mechanical stress. Even steam blasting the units does not affect the strong bonding.    
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