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Separating Agents
Separating Agent for Ceramic
20 ml.      #54000703 $40.95
Extremely thin separating film provides outstanding separating effect. The ceramic separating liquid provides absolute reliability when producing the model. Spalling of ceramic is avoided; accordingly considerable time can be saved.
Thinner for Separating Agent for Ceramic
20 ml.      #55000003 $27.50
Thinner for ceramic separating liquid.
FGP Insulating Agent
3.0 ml.      #54001027 $59.00
Separating agent for insulating parts that come in contact with resin cement.
Master-Sep Insulating Liquid
200 ml.      #52000290 $46.30
Master-Sep is used to separate the arch basis against the plaster.
Plaster Separating Liquid
750 ml.      #54000135 $64.65
For reliable insulation of plaster against plaster.
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Isobre Wax Insulating Liquid
750 ml.      #54001040 $40.95
Micro-fine insulating liquid on organic basis for reliable, exact separation of the wax pattern against all materials.
Isoflex Ceramic Insulating Liquid
20 ml.      #54001013 $54.75
Insulating liquid for ceramic use with the Gnathoflex molds.
Pi-Ku-Plast Separating Liquid
10 ml.      #54000182 $33.30
Separating agent used for insulating primary copings from secondary castings.
Isoplast Plaster Insulating Liquid
750 ml.      #54001019 $67.45
Insulates plaster against resin and produces high-luster resin surfaces.
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KG Sorensen Brush Disposable Applicators
100 pieces     #700.6013 $12.50
Disposable applicators developed with tiny fibers, which prevent dripping until the moment of application.
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