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Retention Beads & Crystals
Optimum retention leads to the strongest possible acrylic-metal junctures

Crystals have double the retentive area of beads

Retention adhesive, white - no capillary action, solubilizes the crystals and adheres perfectly as well as having a long working time.



Retention Beads
Retention Beads 0.2 mm #53002010 $40.35
Retention Beads 0.4 mm #53002200 $40.35
Retention Beads 0.6 mm #53002100 $40.35
Retention Beads 0.8 mm #53002000 $40.35
MSDS for Retention Beads
Retention Crystals
Retention Crystals 0.2 mm #53000480 $38.65
Retention Crystals 0.5 mm #53000500 $38.65
Retention Crystals 0.8 mm #53000510 $38.65
MSDS for Retention Crystals
Retention Adhesive
This new type of retention adhesive prevents any capillary effect when the retention beads are sprinkled onto it.
20 ml bottle #54000711 $35.85
20 ml thinner #54000712 $28.25
MSDS for Retention Adhesive
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