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Bredent Tray Material
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Tray Material UV is suitable for the production of individuals trays, functional trays & base plates.

  Highly Stable Light-Curing Resin for Tray and Base Plates
The flexibility of the material allows easy placement onto the model without tearing. The required shape can be cut with an instrument. The pink color provides the perfect basis for the set-up.

The high flexibility of the material simplifies the placement onto the model. The material will not be damaged.

The tray material can be precisely cut with any instrument. Accordingly, the amount of work is reduced.

Perfect adaptation to any situation guarantees uniform wall thicknesses.

Due to the high stability the position of the handle which has been determined will not be changed during the polymerization process.


The high stability of the tray material avoids deformation during impression-taking. Precise models will be obtained.

The pink color offers the perfect basis for any type of set-up.

As a basic material for bite patterns or functional trays with bite rims, the resin ensures that the work will not be deformed.


Light Curing Tray Material can be used for all applications where accuracy and stability are key.

For Great Adaptability!

  Tray Material UV Band

2.5mm X 90mm
1350g #54000166 $119.00
Advantages Light Tray:
  • Moldable
  • Fast and easy working procedure
  • Accurate adaptation
  • Stability of shape immediately after polymerization
  • Excellent elastic memory
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PolyCure UV

“Poly-Cure UV Unit contains an advanced reflector system that generates more UV output than lamps with higher wattage, 36 Watts or 4 x 9 UV bulbs, curing evenly around the entire UV product.”

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