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Exaktosil N 21 Duplicating Silicone Kit
Pouring silicone for the duplication of models.
Components A and B are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. The components are stirred until they are evenly mixed.
Then power mix under vacuum for 30 seconds.
Exaktosil Silicone features particularly low shrinkage and virtually bubble-free duplicating molds. Model can be de-molded after 30-40 minutes.  Exaktosil Advantages:
- Excellent reproduction of detail
- High tear resistance
- Low shrinkage
Exaktosil consistent quality ensures precision accuracy when duplicating.
Exaktosil N 21 Duplicating Silicone Kit
1000 g component A
1000 g component B
#54001147   $174.00
Exaktosil N 21 Duplicating Silicone Refill Packages
1000 g component A #5400116A $90.00
1000 g component B #5400116B $90.00


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