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Silicone & Rubber Polishing
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Practical Tip:
For the cylinder-shaped Ceragum polishers, it is recommended to use the Spiral Mandrel (360 011 67) for optimum fit. For the disc and wheel Ceragum polishers, the Quick Mandrel (360 011 53) is recommended.


For polishing of the occlusal surface. The tip of the Abraso-Gum has a very fine diameter of only 3mm. It finishes the occlusion and grooves very precisely. The system has 3 different textures ranging from Semi-Precious (PM) to Non-Precious (NP).

1 Pieces/$11.00

* The matching holder enables you to quickly exchange the Abraso-Gum, holds it securely and prevents loosening.

  Gummy Holder




  Abraso-Gum Assortment

12 Abraso-Gum red
12 Abraso-Gum blue
12 Abraso-Gum green
12 Abraso-Gum black
12 Abraso-Gum brown
1 Gummy Holder



The red Abraso-Gum has a high abrasive. With this rubber polisher you can finish the metal right after casting.

The blue Abraso-Gum is the middle grade abrasive that removes the scratches that were produced from the red Abraso-Gum and prepares the metal for highshine.

The green Abraso-Gum has a fine texture and produces a highshine. If the metal was prepared with the blue, a highshine will be produced in an extremely short time.


The black Abraso-Gum has a very high abrasiveness. It is specially designed for non-precious alloys. With this rubber polisher you can smooth and work the metal over immediately after it is cast.

The texture of the brown is made to finish the surface from the black. The brown removes the scratches from the black and prepares the non-precious metal for the highshine.