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Quick-setting, self-curing denture repair resin based on diacrylate for intraoral and  extraoral (direct and indirect) use.
Qu-Resin is the perfect material when it comes to speed, regardless whether used in practices or laboratories. Qu-Resin covers a wide indication range thanks to its simple handling, quick setting, and life like color
Laboratory Use
Compared to the conventional method of using cold-curing resin and polymerization in the pressure pot, Qu-Resin excels by reducing the processing time considerably. No pressure pot is required for Qu-Resin since the self-curing resin sets quickly.
Dentist Use
Qu-Resin for intraoral use. The dentist is able to perform chair side repairs of the denture and reduce the amount of time considerably for both himself and the patient. 

- 50 ml Qu-Resin pink cartridge
- 12 mixing cannulas
- 10 ml Qu-connector


Qu-Resin: Dentin Shade


Download Qu-Resin Instructions Download Qu-Resin Brochure Download Qu-Resin MSDS

Lab Use

Step 1
Tooth no. 24 is extracted and the partial denture is transformed into a full denture.

Step 2
A key is prepared to record the situation.

Step 3
The areas to be completed are roughened, Qu-Connector is applied and light-cured for 90 seconds. Then Qu-Resin is injected into the key; the key is replaced again and the tooth shape is completed from the oral direction.

Step 4
After curing, remove the key and complete the gingival sections of the denture with Qu-Resin.

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