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Quick Tool

The Quick Tool instrument from Bredent is a three bud-shaped, sintered diamond tips instrument designed to produce a safe and uniform grip of crowns and bridges for easy handling. Porcelain crowns are held without any pressure due to the three diamond plated tips and the locking mechanism; even electro-formed copings can be safely secured. The gripping force can be adjusted to the internal size of the crown without the risk of deformity. In the case of reduced spaces such as in lower anterior crowns, a diamond tip can be removed.

Additionally, the Quick Tool from Bredent has an integrated “slide washer” that can be used to condense porcelain during the build-up stage. The diamond tips for this instrument can also be purchased separately if necessary.

Bredent Quick Tool
Designed to produce a safe and uniform grip of crowns and bridges for easy handling
Quick Tool Unit



Quicktool Diamond Tips 3pc Set



Quick Tool instructions
1. To operate the diamond tips:
Simply pull the black, pear shaped handle to bring the diamond tips together and push it to expand them.

2. To remove diamond tips:
Separate the diamond tipped arm from the spring-loaded center plate and pull out; and replace it in the same manner.
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