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Bredent Catalog


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Sculpting Wax
Standard modeling wax for crowns, bridges, and inlays with a solidification point of 50 degrees celcius.
Standard Modelling Wax
Beige, 70g #51000785 $27.10
Bredent K2 Exact Carving Wax
Bredent K2 Exact Carving Wax will be delivered as a 60 g., fully anatomical first molar. For crowns, bridges, and inlays. The recently developed components of this wax offer maximum stability for modeling and ideal scraping properties. Raw materials which have undergone multiple purity checks guarantee optimal casts. As a result of better luminous reflectance, the natural dies make it easier to shape crowns and bridges anatomically.
K2 Exact
Gray, 60g #51000902 $34.70
Yellow, 60g #51000903 $34.70
Beige, 60g #51000904 $34.70
Green, 60g #51000905 $34.70
Marble base & clear acrylic dome
(does not include wax) #32000420 $56.15
Gecko Sculpturing Wax
This sculpturing wax is available in the same colors as dental stone, for orientating the wax pattern to the model. The colors give an overall view of the pattern and the remaining dentition, thus enabling the user to compare them objectively. These waxes are based on new conceptions for speeding up fabrication of wax patterns and improving their precision, and are intended to meet the demands of everyday dental technology. Close cooperation with dental technicians and master technicians enabled the waxes to be optimized for use in all branches of dental technology. These waxes can be applied precisely, have excellent contouring, and produce firm shavings which leave a very clean surface.
Gecko Wax
green for Die Keen, 25g #51000601 $19.20
beige for Fuji Rock, 25g #51000602 $19.20
red for Vel-Mix-Stone, 25g #51000603 $19.20
yellow for Super Die, 25g #51000604 $19.20
Splendido Wax
The light green color of this wax provides for improved light reflection and facilitates determination of the final contouring. The opacity of this wax allows for improved determination of the depth of the fissures in the wax pattern. This wax is suitable for fabricating all types of patterns - crowns, bridgework, inlays - and can be milled. “Splendido hard” can be milled at room temperatures of up to 40oC, making it particularly suitable for use in summer.
Splendido Medium
Light Green, 25g #51000690 $18.35
Splendido Hard
Light Green, 25g ** #51000590 $18.35
**Splendido hard is suitable for milling applications
KBI is a new generation sculpturing wax, exhibiting the following properties: Minimal shrinkage, remains where placed, easily sculptured and forms firm shavings which leave a smooth surface. Ideal for any wax-up technique. The light blue color enables the technician to view the contours and surface structure of the pattern in greater detail. “KBI hard” is available for use in summer. Both waxes are suitable for milling.
KBI Medium
Light Blue, 25g #51000910 $16.65
KBI Hard
Light Blue, 25g ** #51000920 $16.65
**KBI hard is suitable for milling applications
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