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Locator Catalog


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                Locator Attachments Components

Locator Core Tool

This tool contains: The Male Removal Tool, Male Seating Tool and Gold-Plated Implant Abutment Driver. This tool is required for placement procedure of all Locator Root Attachments and Locator Implant Abutments.

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Locator Core Tool

3 Pieces Unit SKU# 8393 $94.99
(Includes Male Removal Tool, Male Seating Tool and Gold-Plated Implant Abutment Driver.)

LOCATOR Abutment Drive (Gold End)
The LOCATOR Abutment Driver is a special gold plated driver designed to engage the inside diameter of the Locator Abutment and thread it into the implant.

Please Note: A .050 (1.25mm) Hex Torque Wrench Driver Tip will fit into the backside of the LOCATOR Abutment Driver to help achieve the minimum seating force of 20N-cm.

Locator Abutment Drive (Gold End)

1 Unit SKU# 8390 $44.99

LOCATOR Male Removal Tool (Tip End)
The Male Removal Tool is used to remove the nylon male from the metal denture cap. The sharp circular edge of the removal tool should be wedged tightly down into the very bottom of the plastic male so that it will catch the inside of the plastic insert and pull it at an angle out of the metal housing. Prior to use, loosen the tip a full 3 turns counter clockwise (you will see a visible gap). To discard the nylon male from the tip of the Core Tool; point the tool down and away from you and tighten the Male Removal Tool clockwise back onto the Core Tool. This will activate the removal pin and dislodge the nylon male from the tip end.

Locator Male Removal Tool (Tip End)

1 Unit SKU# 8397 $38.99

LOCATOR Abutment Retaining Sleeve (4 Pack)
New LOCATOR Abutment Delivery Retaining Sleeve for the LOCATOR Core Tool (8393).

Sterilization Note: The Abutment Retaining Sleeve has been validated to withstand five (5) autoclave sterilization cycles using parameter: Autoclave sterilization 121°C (250° F), (15-20 psig at sea level), for 40 minutes minimum.

To prolong use, cold sterilization may be recommended (parts are considered to be disposable).

Locator Abutment Retaining Sleeve (4 Pack)

4 Pack SKU# 8394 $24.99

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