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   Visio.lign Finishing Kit for Composite Veneers

The Visio.lign Toolkit has been optimized for processing composite and Visio.lign veneers and ensures a perfect finish. The combination of the materials of the Visio.lign veneering system and the Visio.lign Toolkit results in surfaces featuring plaque resistance and shade stability and their quality and resistance is identical to the ones of a ceramic material.

• Burs with relief produce smooth surfaces and reduce the time for polishing

• Prepolishing and high luster polishing paste included in the kit

• Tools arranged at different heights to ensure easy access and grasp

• Removable glass jar to avoid drying out of the high luster polishing paste

• Pictograms and reference numbers printed on the tools for better visual control

• Three empty spaces for additional tools Composite processing kit

• Acrypol polishing paste for veneering composites 170 g

• Abraso-Starglanz high luster polishing paste 50 ml

Visio.lign Tool Kit



Visio.lign Finishing Kit (13 Pieces Kit)

Acrypol Polishing Paste
for veneering composites
170 g
high luster polishing paste
50 ml
    Visio.lign Finishing Kit Individual Items

Diamond Disc 19mm. x 0.23mm.



Glass Jar for Abraso Star Glaze


Tungsten Carbide Bur 2.3mm.


Ceragum Medium Disc 4x22mm. 12pcs.


Acrylic Hex White Polishing Brushes
19mm. 15pcs.


   Visio.lign Finishing Kit Application Samples

Large diameter of the bur for time-saving and fast processing.

The pear shape is perfectly suited to prepare a structured surface with a natural appearance.

The diamond disc that is coated on both sides is used for interdental processing and separating.

The Abraso-Fix brush and Acrypol polishing paste ensure proper pre-polishing and preserve the surface texture.
The cotton buff and Abraso-Starglanz high luster polishing paste produce a ceramic-like finish.
Conical – round bur for perfect finishing of the transition of metal to composite and for small gaps.

The marginal ridges are accentuated with the small egg-shaped bur.

The transition of metal to composite is smoothed and pre-polished with the rubber polisher.
Any angle can be perfectly polished with the star-shaped brush.

   Crea.lign Set w/ Syringe Holder
   An easy way to store and manage your Crea.lign modifiers.
Crea.lign Set includes the following items:
1 Syringe Holder
12 Crea.lign 5 g
12 Syringe w/ Handle for one-hand use
2 Crea.lign Stain 4 g
1 Crea.lign Modelling Liquid

Crea.lign Set




Crea.ling Syringe Holder
1 Unit    


Crea.lign Syringe w/Handle & UV-Light
1 Unit    


   Visio.Lign Cabinet

   Visio.Lign Cabinet