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   Visio.lign Beauty Set Up Waxes for the Veneering Set-up

The Beauty Set Up Waxes are dentine-colored wax developed for the Visio.lign Veneering System for fixation of the veneers for the esthetic try-in. Two different colors that can be mixed cover the classic A-D range of shades. Beauty setup aesthetic add-on wax is used to prepare aesthetic set-ups. It is particularly suitable for the casting technique (CoCr work) since it burns out without any residue.

Beauty setup aesthetic add-on wax is especially intended to be used for the Visio.lign Veneer System. Missing anatomical characteristics can be added using beauty setup aesthetic add-on wax. Individual coloring of areas to be completed is achieved by mixing beauty setup aesthetic add-on wax light (#43000300) and dark (#43000310).

Beauty Set Up Wax Light
1 Unit 25g  




Beauty Set Up Wax Dark
1 Unit 25g  


Documents: Instructions


   Visio.lign Haptosil D Silicone Component A & B

The Haptosil D Silicone is an addition-curing kneading silicone with a Shore A hardness of 90 for the fabrication of stable and exact keys and models.

The Haptosil D Silicone is used during the set-up of the Novo.Lign veneers for the esthetic try-in to make a silicone key. The Haptosil silicone key is used to fix the set up. The veneers are removed from the set-up to check the space available for the secondary structure facilitating the framework design considerably.

HaptoSil D Silicone Components A & B
1 Component A, 1,300mg
1 Component B, 1,300mg

HaptoSil D Silicone Components A & B




Documentation: MSDS | Instructions


   Visio.Sil Transparent Silicone for Key Setup

Visio.Sil is a transparent, addition curing silicone for the fabrication of translucent keys to be used and processed with light-curing materials. Visio.Sil was especially developed for the use in the pre-impression technique with UV-curing materials. When used with the Visio.Lign Veneering System, it allows swift and economic processing based on light-curing through the key material.

On the pictures below the Haptosil silicone key is cut with a sharp blade to open up a window to replace it with a clear silicone or Visio.Sil. The transparent Visio.Sil silicone matrix will help the UVA rays of the light curing unit to penetrate and cure the luting material Combo.Lign adequately to the Veneers, Metal or Zirconia.

Visio.Sil Transparent Silicone
1 Unit 50ml  




Visio.Sil Mixing Cannula Size 4
12 Units