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Visio.lign with Aesthetic Guarantee!
Upper Anterior Sets Lower Anterior Sets Upper/Lower Posterior Sets

Visio.lign Upper Anterior Set

Visio.lign Lower Anterior Set

Visio.lign Upper Posterior Set

Visio.lign Upper Anterior Set

Visio.lign Lower Anterior Set

Visio.lign Lower Posterior Set

Visio.lign Upper Anterior Set

Visio.lign Lower Anterior Set

Visio.lign Upper Posterior Set
Veneering system with naturally layered veneers - novo.lign A (anteriors) and novo.lign P (posteriors) - in anatomical designs.
  • Shade stability, resistant to plaque and abrasion
  • Reliable shade results
Visio.lign Lower Posterior Set


Visio.lign Finished Showcases



*The publication of these pictures were courtesy of bredent GmbH & Co. KG


Visio.lign Different Technical Applications

Implant restoration fixed tension-free on SKY UVE abutment Implants.

Implant-supported bar with novo.lign veneers in the anterior region and neo.lign teeth in the posterior region.

Combined restoration with novo.lign veneers.

Removable restoration on telescopic crowns with novo.lign A Veneers.

3-unit anterior bridge with novo.lign veneers.

3-unit posterior bridge on Zirconium oxide.


*The publication of these pictures were courtesy of bredent GmbH & Co. KG

How to Steps

Visio.lign 9 Simple Steps - Laboratory Fabrication

After the Set-up of the Novo.lign veneers for the esthetic try-in make a silicone key.

The clear Visio.sil silicone matrix will help the UVA rays of the light curing unit to penetrate and cure the luting material Combo.lign adequately to the Veneers, Metal or Zirconia.

Cut the silicone key with a sharp blade to open up a window to replace it with a clear silicone or Visio.sil.

A silicone key is used to fix the set up. The veneers are removed from the set-up to check the space available for the secondary structure facilitating the framework design considerably.

A wax-up design is required for the metal framework using the matrix and veneers in place. A 0.4-0.5 mm space is required for the application of the opaque and the luting /adhesive material Combo.lign. The use of retention beads will improve the mechanical bonding and aids the durability of the restoration.

First, sandblast the metal framework using AL2O3 (Aluminum Oxide) 110-125 microns at 2.5 to 3.5 bars. Then apply the Silano-pen or metal primer to condition the metal surface. Apply thin layers of opaque material until the metal is completely covered and polymerize in accordance with the instructions for use.

Sandblast the inside of the Novo.lign veneers and all the surfaces including perimeter which are to be bonded, with AL2O3(110m) at a pressure of 2.5-3.5 bars or roughen the surface using a tungsten carbide bur (enlarge the surface and prepare veneer for better bonding).

Apply a thin coat of the Visio.link primer and polymerize in the Bre.lux Power Unit or any unit that has a wavelength range of 370-400nm. A proper polymerization will show a silky-mat luster and sticky coat.

Combo.lign is applied to the veneers to achieve maximum adhesion to the metal or zirconia framework. Caution, not to move or shift the veneers during the bonding/polymerization stage.
Combo.lign is only used as luting or adhesive composite and not as a filler composite. Avoid surface exposure. Crealign is then used as a filler composite which is resistant to the plaque and abrasion and can be polished to a high luster.

Crea.lign shaded dentine is used to fill up inter-proximal and lingual areas because of its high resistance to plaque.

Crea.lign ligh-curing nano-composite material includes dentine, incisals, in four gingiva colors and stains.

For polishing, use the Visio.lign Tool Finishing Set Item# VLTOOLKIT

*The publication of these pictures were courtesy of bredent GmbH & Co. KG


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Visio.lign Laboratory Fabrication Videos

Visio.lign - Laboratory Fabrication - Part 1 of 4

Visio.lign - Laboratory Fabrication - Part 2 of 4

Visio.lign - Laboratory Fabrication - Part 3 of 4

Visio.lign - Laboratory Fabrication - Part 4 of 4


What customers are experiencing with the Visio.lign System!

" My first case went well, I think I really like this new system! Being a Crown and Bridge Lab this was a little bit out of the box for me but I’d much rather use the VisioLign System on a big bridge rather than porcelain. Also, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed fabricating this case. I’ve attached a couple of pictures, thanks for all the help. "

Ron Cox, Dental Technician
Cox Dental Lab, WA