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  WIEDENT Acrylic Teeth for Dentures

  Consisting of three layers, with fluorescence effect and anatomic shape
Manufactured according to EN ISO 3336:1996 and EN ISO 7491:2000 standards
Manufactured from top grade highly cross-linked acrylics they have extra strength and hardness
WIEDENT Acrylic Teeth have been designed for use in prosthetic dentures. Thanks to WIEDENT's many years of experience in teeth design and manufacture, WIEDENT has been able to make a product that perfectly imitates natural teeth. WIEDENT's extensive range enables meeting all patient's needs both in terms of shape and shade. WIEDENT acrylic teeth, like natural teeth, have a fluorescent effect. They are manufactured in several dozen anterior and posterior molds in Vita® shades.

Wiedent Shade Guide**
Wiedent Acrylic Teeth Shade Guide
#WIESHADE1 $10.00
Wiedent Acrylic Teeth Working Mold Guide
39 Anterior Molds Upper & Lower 20 Posterior Molds Upper & Lower Shade A1, A2 or A3 Whole set represents a savings of over $275.00 over retail.
#WIEMOLDA1 Shade A1 $395.00
#WIEMOLDA2 Shade A2 $395.00
#WIEMOLDA3 Shade A3 $395.00
**FREE Shade Guide (WIESHADE1) with purchase of minimum $50 tooth order. Limit 1 per customer. Offer valid while supplies last.

Cabinet Only    


Wiedent Acrylic Teeth Full Cabinet

Cabinet has 10 drawers:
5 anterior drawers with 210 cards
5 posterior drawers with 140 cards

Reg. Price: $4,210.00
You Save 50% OFF Retail Price!
*When you purchase a Full Cabinet refills are only:
Anterior Cards $7.50  
Posterior Cards $6.50  



Wiedent Acrylic Teeth Partial Cabinet

120 Cards:
60 anterior cards
60 posterior cards

Reg. Price: $1,495.00
You Save 50% OFF Retail Price!
*When you purchase a Partial Cabinet refills are only:
Anterior Cards $8.50  
Posterior Cards $7.50  


To place your order please call 1.877.328.3965

Note:Any combination of molds and shades can be selected when purchasing a partial and full cabinet.

*No returns allowed, only exchanges (complete cards in selling condition) within 30 days from date of invoice.

*Free samples are available in standard shades while supplies last. Bleached shades not available.


  SETS - A$ Low A$

 All Posterior Sets $10.50
 All Anterior  Sets $12.50

When you purchase a full or partial cabinet, refills are only:
 Full:     anterior sets:   $7.50
            posterior sets: $6.50

 Partial: anterior sets:   $8.50
            posterior sets: $7.50

  Technical Support

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Wiedent Esthetic Teeth MSDS


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Download Wiedent Fax Order Form.

Download Wiedent Mold Chart Catalog.

Download Wiedent Mold Chart Catalog

  Available Shades

A1V, A2V, A3V, A3.5V, A4V, B1V, B2V, B3V, B4V, C1V, C2V, C3V, C4V, D2V, D3V, D4V

Note: The Shade Guide on this page is for reference only. Since brightness and contrast vary widely, depending on your monitor and graphics settings, it's always better to refer to an actual shade guide.