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Digital Attachments Library

Bredent Attachments can be incorporated into your favorite dental CAD/CAM Milling system. Making it easier than ever to transition to a digital workflow. All Bredent Attachment Systems are compatible with 3Shape, Exocad and Dental Wings CAD/CAM Milling systems. We have separated the library download links above by brand.

What is exocad?
exocad is a DentalCAD software for various dental prosthetics product designs. exocad's software is robust and performant, especially in the field of implantology. Dental technicians who use exocad can easily complete even complex implant bar designs, which greatly enhances work efficiency.

  • All Bredant Attachments Library for exocad
  • Bredant Barprofile Library for exocad

What is 3Shape?
3Shape Dental System is a dental CAD design software providing a wide range of indications. The software enables you to design with ease and streamline digital workflows.

  • All Bredant Attachments Library for 3Shape
  • Bredant Barprofile Library for 3Shape

What is dental wings?
dental wings products cover the full digital workflow from treatment-planning to final restoration including intraoral scanning, implant planning, prosthesis design, manufacturing, and communication among dental professionals.

  • All Bredant Attachments Library for dental wings
  • Bredent Barprofile Library for dental wings
  • Bredant Vario Kugal Snap OC 2.2mm
  • Bredent Vario Kugel Snap SG 2.2mm
  • Bredent Vario Soft 3
  • Bredent Vario Soft 3 mini
  • Bredent Vario Soft 3 mini SV
  • Bredent Vario Soft 3 SV
  • Bredent Vario Soft Steg Bar Attachment