Live Table clinic & New Techniques
Individual Gingiva Layering with Crea.Lign Gum
Composite/Viso.Lign System.

Presented by - Philip von der Osten, MDT, Germany
MDT head of Courses & Education
International Key Opinion Leader Managment at Bredent.

Philip von der Osten, MDT has been working as a dental technician since 1990. He focuses on solutions for complex dental cases and has gained a great deal of practical experience through direct communication with dental practitioners and patients.

Since 2006, Philip has also been very active internationally as a lecturer and trainer. In addition he works in professional and development cycles from which, among other innovations, Bre.Cam.HIPC as well as the "2 in 1" technique emerged.

Philip will be at our XPdent Booth #I-31 in LMT Lab Day Chicago 2023. He will be presenting and demonstrating the layering technique with Crea.Lign gum materials. Crea.Lign press may be shown in all details. And a step-by-step presentation is available at the booth. Hope to see you there.

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Live Table clinics & New Techniques
Individual Gingiva Layering with Crea.Lign gum/Visio.Lign system. "From standard to high-end- different options and modalities."

Using dental prosthetic samples, presenter will show step-by-step the benefit of the Viso.Lign system and transition from plain denture to natural life-like gingiva dental prosthetics by utilizing the Crea.Lign - Red and White Aesthetic Set which includes light-cured nano filled composites from root dentine to 5 gingiva shades and the necessary primer/bonders to condition different framework materials such as metals, zircon dioxide and plastics.


Crea.Lign Freestyle Kit 115 pcs., Aluminum Case
"The complete solution for professionals"
Freestyle layering on PM/NPM, ceramic, zirconia, PMMA, Novo.Lign
Veneers and Neo.Lign denture teeth as well as high-performance
polymers, such as BioHPP and CAD/CAM materials, such as
Visio.Cam. The complete set includes all available shades of
Crea.Lign paste and gel, full range of opaques, stains, Visio.Paint set
and primers/bonders.

Crea.Lign Red-White Aesthetic Set 19 pcs
"All you need for gingiva"
Use the Crea.Lign GUM materials in the Viso.Lign system to
individualize your dentures to achieve high-end aesthetics. Offer your
customers this individualization service and increase the profitability of
your laboratory.

Visio.Lign Primers. MKZ Primer, K-Primer, MKZ EM-Activator & Visio.Link
SKU #: MKZ02004, APK250003, MKZEM004, VLPMMA10
The unique bonding system for permanent and reliable bonding of all
Visio.Lign System components and composites to all standard
frame work materials such as NPM HIPC (PMMA/Composite),
BIOHPP(PEEK), Zirconia, PM and Titanium.

Visio.Paint Assortment Kit 6 Stains 3 ml each
SKU #: 54001250
The Liquid, Light-curing Visio.Paint stains are layered using the
cut-back technique or directly applied and coated. Surface staining is
recommended only for temporary restorations. The shade effect is
retained after coating with composite. All standard PMMA resins and
composites can be intensified with the Visio.Paint stains.

Novo.Lign 1 mm Thickness Veneers
*Bleach Shades Also Available*
The Novo.Lign Veneers consist of high impact polymer composite filled
with micro ceramic and can be used for permanent veneering of
metal, ceramic, and polymer framework.

Neo.Lign Denture Teeth
*Bleach Shades Also Available*
Neo.Lign - the layered denture teeth feature the same shades, designs,
and materials as the Novo.Lign veneers. Optimized for uniform
aesthetic combined restorations. Each design is based on natural tooth
rows- select from the variety nature offers.

Visio.Lign Finishing Kit for Composite Veneers
The Visio.Lign Tool Kit has been optimized for processing composite
and Visio.Lign veneers and ensures a perfect finish. The combination of
the materials of the Visio.Lign veneering system and the Visio.Lign
Toolkit results in surfaces featuring plaque resistance and shade
stability and their quality and resistance is identical to the ones of a
ceramic material.